"Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution." Ivan Chermayeff



means a design must fulfill its functional purpose to be successful. It is essential to define the practical purpose of a project and custom­ize its outcome. Since the inherent intent of design is to solve problems, it is the responsibility of the designer to disregard social paradigms in order to apply appropriate organization that achieves an effective and impactful creative solution.


must support the function by considering the tone of the message to be conveyed The design must reflect the personal psychology of the target audience in order to appeal to the senses and achieve the desired outcome. Nature must play a crucial role because as humans, being from nature, we function best psychologically in environments that possess natural qualities.


appeals to the human desire to feed our senses. The designed project should be more than functional it should be beautiful, keeping in mind that there is beauty in humanity and nature, not perfection. The goal is to find a sense of balance by applying the principles of color theory and composition to the piece like a compelling painting or photograph.


Tori is an Experience Designer & Strategist with more than 12 years experience across multiple industries. She has a passion for holistically examining human needs and conditions to create meaningful, user-centered design solutions. She has spent the last 6 years working abroad in both corporate and creative agencies developing client experiences from end to end, identifying pain points and redesigning multiple touch points along company service paths. In her most recent position she redesigned her company’s visual image and online presence to better align them with their target client base and increase web referrals by 25% over the course of one season, resulting in a 50% increase in sales per project. Tori spends her free time taking online design courses and volunteering as a Community Mentor on the OpenIDEO design platform. Click here to view more reports on her work.


The daughter of a Graphic Designer and a Mechanical Engineer, my design training started early. While other kids were playing Nintendo and reading up on Pop culture, I was playing on Photoshop with my mom as she built a successful design business and discussing the parts of an aircraft engine with my dad as he worked to keep passengers safe in the air. These childhood experiences left me with a strong mind for business, a curiosity for the connection between people and their designed environments and a sense of purpose to serve through my work. These influences molded me in such a way that I spent much of my early career exploring the fields of Art, Design, Human Resources and Training, seeking to reconcile the artist and analyst in myself. Most people would not expect a trained Actor to work on Wall Street, but when your focus is on human behavior-based problem solving, all industries are fair game. My curiosity to understand how people think and my passion for translating human needs into meaningful solutions led me to design school in New York and Italy and now back to the cutting edge of User Experience in California. 

I believe that thoughtful, strategic design has the power to transform our world and improve people’s lives. My favorite teams are comprised of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. I want to see the whole world. I like to be challenged. I love to solve problems.

I cook and can. I sing and dance. I stand on my head at least once a day.


I've built a life that has allowed me to look at the world through a multi-angle lens. It has raised a lot of questions.

I want to play on a team that is finding answers and constructing creative solutions.



"Life is not linear, it's organic." Sir Ken Robinson

  • "The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have." –Steve Jobs



Human-Centered Design Client Experience | Service Design | Facilitation

  • Skilled design professional focused on enhancing design operations and implementing service improvements.
  • Analytical and decisive individual with proven track record building creative strategies to meet client objectives.
  • Leader among creators and designers focused on mentoring and enhancing knowledge to implement best practices and consistency. 
  • Diverse experience as designer for prestigious organizations creating impactful solutions for companies. 



March 2016 – Present | eLearning Mind, San Diego, CA

(December 2016 – present)

  • Lead Department of Project Managers and Coordinators 
  • Collaborate with company Directors and Executives to set business goals, plan and execute company-wide initiatives.
  • Monitor and Analyze quality of client experience interactions across the company to map pain points, encourage co-creation and facilitate problem solving.
  • Consult on best practices of Human-Centered Design/ Design Thinking for internal development and client initiatives.
  • Manage development of research strategies for the collection of client and user experience data.
  • Lead the design of iterative development processes as applied to enterprise-level learning programs.

(March – December 2016)

  • Build and manage client relationships with high-profile companies such as General Electric, Eli Lilly, The YMCA, Gap, Inc., Estée Lauder and Godiva.

  • Facilitate the improvement of internal company processes using Design Thinking methods.
  • Lead development of research strategies for the collection of client and user experience data.
  • Collect and communicate client feedback to monitor the health of client relationships for continuous improvement of client experience.
  • Advocate for client needs throughout product development process.
  • Manage scope, budget, timeline and resource allocation for the custom build of interactive e-learning modules/ videos for corporate learning programs.


January 2011 – March 2016 | Freebird Creative, Florence, Italy & San Diego, CA


  • Successfully led numerous freelance design projects for high-profile corporations including Axogen, Hanggi, UC Health, The Showalter Group, and Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici.
  • Strategically crafted project approaches to meet unique needs of clients and stakeholders. 
  • Employed user-centered design methods, such as personas, interviews and task analysis to frame problems, define insights and guide design concepts.
  • Increased sales leads by 150% by establishing visual design for fortune 500-company trade show booths.
  • Increased potential efficiency by 50% designing processes for eLearning company in San Diego. 


January 2014 – December 2014 | Tuscany Flowers, Florence, Italy


  • Partnered with leadership to define business service strategies that aligned with client needs. 
  • Established efficient workflow among design team to ensure services were completed per client specifications, reducing revision cycles and budget spent per project.  
  • Increased design consistency by creating branding guidelines, templates, and patterns.
  • Managed client relationships from kick off to retrospective in both English and Italian.
  • Grew web referrals by 25% and increased budget per project by 50%. 
  • Reduced image search time from 8 minutes to 30 seconds by revamping data management software. 


 May 2012 – January 2014 | Berlitz & Live Institute, Florence, Italy


  • Coordinated learning objectives for high-profile companies, such as General Electric, Selex ES, Menarini Pharmaceuticals, and Yves Saint Laurent, to ensure effective curriculum for personnel.
  • Performed teaching and training seminars based on basic neuroscience principles.
  • Increased student retention and successful completion rates from 75% to 98%. 
  • Developed innovative teaching methodologies to ensure understanding and increased knowledge base. 


 August 2007 – July 2008 | Fortress Investment Group, New York, NY


  • Increased recruitment for high-profile corporation encompassing 5 countries and over 200 jobs.
  • Revamped hiring methodologies and implemented new strategies to improve recruiting outcomes. 
  • Established internship program to increase opportunities for competent and educated new hires. 


 February 2006 – July 2007 | AR New York, New York, NY


  • Instituted enhanced project workflow initiatives via creative directors and design team.
  • Streamlined internship program to ensure company visibility and increased intern-hire rates.
  • Spearheaded development of visual tools to ensure communications between departments. 



Bachelor of Professional Studies, Interior Architecture

Marist College, Florence, Italy, December 2010 | GPA: 3.8, Summa Cum Laude


 Bachelor of Arts, Theater/ Speech

Wagner College, New York, NY, May 2003 | GPA: 3.4, Departmental Academic Honors


UX Design, Design Thinking & Design Research Certificates

Interaction Design Foundation | August 2015 | November 2015 | February 2016


Facilitators Guide & Course for Human-Centered Design

Acumen & IDEO.org | Present



OpenIDEO | San Diego Chapter Founder and Organizer, Online Contributor and Community Mentor | March 2015 – Present

Interaction Design Foundation | Member and Student | March 2015 – Present

UX Speakeasy (IXDA) | Member | July 2016 – Present

San Diego Experience Design (SDXD) | Member | July 2016 – Present



Service Design | Design Research | Design Thinking/HCD | Project Management | Concept Development | Process Development | Journey/Process Mapping | Visual Design | Interactive Prototyping | Print Management | Photoshop | InDesign | Illustrator | Auto CAD | Sketch Up | Key Shot | Rhino | Modo| Muse | Balsamiq

 Languages: Italian (intermediate)



Think Prize | Financial Empowerment Challenge | OpenIDEO, Co-Op of Credit Unions & Mastercard | June 2015



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