Tori is an Experience Designer & Strategist with more than 12 years experience across multiple industries. She has a passion for holistically examining human needs and conditions to create meaningful, user-centered design solutions. She has spent the last 6 years working abroad in both corporate and creative agencies developing client experiences from end to end, identifying pain points and redesigning multiple touch points along company service paths. In her most recent position she redesigned her company’s visual image and online presence to better align them with their target client base and increase web referrals by 25% over the course of one season, resulting in a 50% increase in sales per project. Tori spends her free time taking online design courses and volunteering as a Community Mentor on the OpenIDEO design platform. Click here to view more reports on her work.


The daughter of a Graphic Designer and a Mechanical Engineer, my design training started early. While other kids were playing Nintendo and reading up on Pop culture, I was playing on Photoshop with my mom as she built a successful design business and discussing the parts of an aircraft engine with my dad as he worked to keep passengers safe in the air. These childhood experiences left me with a strong mind for business, a curiosity for the connection between people and their designed environments and a sense of purpose to serve through my work. These influences molded me in such a way that I spent much of my early career exploring the fields of Art, Design, Human Resources and Training, seeking to reconcile the artist and analyst in myself. Most people would not expect a trained Actor to work on Wall Street, but when your focus is on human behavior-based problem solving, all industries are fair game. My curiosity to understand how people think and my passion for translating human needs into meaningful solutions led me to design school in New York and Italy and now back to the cutting edge of User Experience in California. 

I believe that thoughtful, strategic design has the power to transform our world and improve people’s lives. My favorite teams are comprised of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. I want to see the whole world. I like to be challenged. I love to solve problems.

I cook and can. I sing and dance. I stand on my head at least once a day.