User Research for a Niche Industrial Market

The trade show environment can be overwhelming, full of competitors pulling the attention of a customer's gaze at every turn. So the question is, how can you grab and hold the attention of your clientele in this chaotic space, and furthermore, when your product is highly specific and smaller than a dime, how do your customers find you? 


Environmental Branding, Visual Messaging, Communication Strategy, Design Research, Pain Point Analysis, Customer Personas, Storyboarding.


Clearer messaging to attract target clients; 30% improvement in sales cycle productivity; 150% increase in targeted sales leads from trade show events.




I came on to the project as a visual strategy consultant, focusing on solving a trade show branding problem for Hanggi, an industrial micro-stamping company. Hanggi had invested a great deal of time and resources into their trade show presentations, but continually ended these long days with little to show for their investment. They struggled to attract their niche clientele within a densely populated trade show setting and were looking for a solution that would allow their clients to find them and understand their product offerings in an instant.


Research & Personas

To understand how to reach their specific customer, we first had to understand who they were, what they were looking for and what challenges they were facing.  I built customer personas to help guide the design team in their graphic choices and to better understand the needs, goals and expectations of the industrial micro stamping customer.




The low-fidelity storyboard helped the team empathize with the user by visualizing their ideal journey. What does he/ she experience and what would help guide them toward their goal? This exercise helped the team to hone in on key messages to create a solution.

When immersed in a chaotic environment, there are too many boards and signs to read. One of the problems with the previous booth was the clutter of words and images. Nothing stood out clearly. The messages for the new booth had to be simplified, image-based and bold enough to spot across a crowded room. 


  Design by Five Visual

Design by Five Visual

With a clearer, more empathetic perspective of the user, the Five Visual design team was able to proceed in creating an attractive, impactful booth that immediately grabbed the attention of trade show attendees, while quickly communicating the highly specific product line. 

Upon implementation of the updated booth design, Hanggi reported exponential improvements in the results of their trade show sales leads. Instead of spending their time explaining what they do to uninterested parties, they now attract customers who are looking for micro stamping. Meaning each interaction is a potential sale.