A Look Back to the Early Days: Italian Design School

    Vespa Bianca by  Federico Melani


Vespa Bianca by Federico Melani

Today I'll take us back a few years to my time here in Florence as an Interior Design student. One of the many benefits of studying outside of your native culture is the almost instant increase of awareness. You become instantly conscious of alternative life-styles and solutions to every day problems. This comes up in nearly everything you do...from the way you eat and dress, to the way you move, and interact with the city around you. Brand perceptions, social norms and even world history seems to morph before your eyes. Match that with the study of a new discipline and you're in for quite an exciting ( and sometimes bumpy) ride. 

I was recently reading an article I wrote six years ago for my school blog and it made me realize that this broadening of perception has changed my views quite significantly over time. The constant "brain stretching" and cultural comparisons takes a lot of energy. I can say over the course of six plus years that this has not stopped, but maybe has become more "realistic" over time. My initial response to see everything new as "wonderful" has evolved into a general sense of acceptance of the pros and cons of my past homes and my current one. Resulting in a mitigated desire to rank. It has now become a matter not of which is "best", but which is most appropriate for my goals and values at this time.

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