Welcome • Benvenuto

Hello and welcome to the FreeBird Creative Design Blog by Tori Adele Signorelli. I have set up this page as a way to share with fellow designers, creators, inventors and artists, elements of the world around me (both physical and digital) that I find inspiring. 


I am beginning this blog as a person living in a foreign country, more specifically, an American living in Italy. So, the world physically surrounding me is Italian, which brings up an array of interesting insights, dilemmas and dramas. As this is a design blog, I'll stick to the points that relate mostly to design problems and insights on how they are approached and solved (or not) culturally. I will also share thoughts and inspirations from the broader world outside of this pretty little "boot", including articles, books and videos that I find are relevant to my work and the work of my friends, family and colleagues...most of which covers the industries of Design, Engineering, Education, Event Planning, Photography, Music and Art. In short, I am always on the look-out for good design and problem solving. My goal in this blog is to share it with you. 

Please feel free to leave comments to start a discussion or leave your thoughts.