Learning Environments Conducive to Creativity & Confidence

As I recently watched this brilliant talk by Ken Robinson for what may have been the 20th time (I used this video often as a conversation starter in my ESL courses), I began to wonder what role designers can play in the creation of learning environments conducive to the expansion rather than the "murder" of a child's creative self? 

As a former dancer, I am always touched by his story of Gillian Lynne. To assume that all children (or all people for that matter) will reach their greatest potential in a traditional  learning environment is more than foolish, it is careless and at worst, it's destructive. What would a classroom be if we were to remove the paradigms of what they have always been? As designers we have the capacity to influence the future of education through the application of design thinking and generative research. We know we can solve problems by engaging the user. We have the potential to create learning environments that work with the dynamic nature of child's intelligence while celebrating its diversity.