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The Power of Killing Ideas by Anthony Onesto

"an estimated 70-90% of corporate growth efforts typically fail."

In some recent consulting work at Adobe, my team and I were fortunate to meet and observe Mark Randall, VP of Innovation. Mark is the founder of Adobe's open-source innovation kit, Kick Box. In his workshops, Mark encourages "intrepreneurs" to keep a journal of all of their "bad ideas". He says that even as an experienced innovator, only one in hundreds of his ideas are worth pursuing. He outlines methods in his program to help innovators self select their best ideas. Growth Sciences has taken the risk out of idea selection with data science using a tool they developed names MESE, aka "The Idea Killer". See Anthony Onesto's article here.

By Anthony Onesto

By Anthony Onesto

Why cross-functional teams fail. How solver-teams sail! by Ajay Shrivastava

I ran across this article while conducting research on building great creative team structures. For many of us in the world of design, this problem may hit close to home. The silo effects of cross-departmental team structures can be deeply destructive to company progress and team productivity, so what can be done to turn it around?

Ajay Shrivastava does a great job outlining the issues of these disjointed teams as well as the benefits of collaborative team model that he calls "Solver Teams" where team members are united by common goal or problem to be solved.