A Kick Start for Learning Innovation


Client: Multi-national Silicon Valley Computer Software Company

Role: Lead Service Design Consultant

Sector: Learning Design, Service Design

Industry: Tech/ Software


Project Overview

ELM was approached by a multi-national computer software company in Silicon Valley to design a learning experience solution that would help them to bring their executive-led innovation workshops to a global scale, while maintaining the excitement and engagement of an in-person, onsite experience with a well-known innovation guru.


Adobe Process.png

Design Summary

In order to fully understand the course we were meant to redesign, we needed some hands-on experience. So, after some preliminary research into the program and materials, the Lead Solutions Consultant and I trekked up the coast to San Jose to attend the innovation workshop and spend some time with the man who had started it all. He had been running the program for years with the help of a small, trusted trusted team of only two people. We could sense some of the bigger challenges right away. How could we translate this deeply personal experience into a scalable digital solution? How can we increase access for more employees across the globe without losing the magic?

In order to make it work, we needed to dig further into what made the onsite experience great. Storytelling quickly became a key component of the workshop’s clear success. As we mapped the workshop content, we asked the team to call out key messages and the personal stories that were shared to support the messaging. By the end of our sessions, we understood that we had to find a solution that maintained then human to human connection in the room, executive support and visibility as well as the suspense and mystery associated with the program’s physical artifacts. The practice had been eloquently designed to encourage the successful completion (and iteration) of the process. The digital experience had to achieve the same engagement to be successful.

The answer? Gamification. As with most learning experiences, a combination of instructor-led and digital modules was key, but in order to capture the power of an expert-led program, we knew it needed an added kick. Gamifying the experience through a board-game like concept allowed us to connect with a creative audience and capture the intrigue of the workshop experience as the journey unfolded over time.


The consulting sessions resulted in a detailed maps of the full learner journey and curriculum, complete with cohort learning plans, individual learning paths, digital and physical artifacts and and a high-level design for a custom learning platform to manage a complex blended learning experience.