Designing a Meaningful Experience

As memory plays a crucial role in the perception of our experiences and environment, this project applies empathy to connect with the needs of the client and build a home that is more than a house. This New York apartment design  is retreat from urban chaos, created through the application of subtle sensorial stimulus to trigger positive memories and associations of tranquility and relaxation. 



This concept came to life after conducting extensive research into the life and needs of the intended inhabitant, his personal functional requirements, lifestyle and psychological needs. The inspirational image was then chosen to reflect the results of the research and act as a sounding board for the visceral cues leading to the desired emotional response.


A personalized environment that immerses the client in colors, patterns and textures that provoke specific emotional responses in order create a personal sanctuary away from the external city commotion. The home becomes a three-dimensional, physical experience that fosters a sense of lightness and tranquility to promote user contentment and well-being.