"Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution." Ivan Chermayeff



means a design must fulfill its functional purpose to be successful. It is essential to define the practical purpose of a project and custom­ize its outcome. Since the inherent intent of design is to solve problems, it is the responsibility of the designer to disregard social paradigms in order to apply appropriate organization that achieves an effective and impactful creative solution.


must support the function by considering the tone of the message to be conveyed The design must reflect the personal psychology of the target audience in order to appeal to the senses and achieve the desired outcome. Nature must play a crucial role because as humans, being from nature, we function best psychologically in environments that possess natural qualities.


appeals to the human desire to feed our senses. The designed project should be more than functional it should be beautiful, keeping in mind that there is beauty in humanity and nature, not perfection. The goal is to find a sense of balance by applying the principles of color theory and composition to the piece like a compelling painting or photograph.