Customizing Loft Living

Loft living presents a challenge of dividing a large open space into a home that meets the needs of residential life. It is taking something industrial and often cold and creating an environment that reflects the personal style of the inhabitant. The goal for the Tree House Loft was to design a structure for the home of a young, single creative professional that would divide her space into public and private areas to accommodate her need to cook, sleep, relax, work and entertain all in one open loft.


Research the client. Establish Inspiration. Outline functional needs through zoning. Integrate form and function according to the look and feel of the inspirational imagery. As a child she dreamed of living in a tree house, so that became the primary inspiration for the design, informing shapes, layout, colors, materials and furniture.


Loft furniture structure that meets all requested functions, appeals to the client’s affinity to nature and dream of living in a tree house. Coherent design for a unified environment, also provides variety through changes in light, movement, air circulation, intimate and open spaces, and height to meet the psychological needs of the inhabitant.